Monday, July 24, 2017


I had a namer moment out in public last weekend, a little freak out of excitement over a name. While visiting my friend for her birthday I ran into another acquaintance who I hadn't seen in a year and we were catching up. One thing lead to another and we got to talking about his new nephew. And his name? Arlo! I could not believe my ears so I made him not only repeat it but spell it as well. Since then I have not been able to get the name off my mind so I took to doing the only thing I know: researching and researching the name turning it into a name post.

There are many debuts over the meaning and origin of the name. Some believe it is a derivation of Carlo, an Italian name meaning man. Others say it means barberry tree in Spanish. 

Some believe it comes from the fictional place, Arlo Hill, from the 1950 poem The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spencer. That leads to the belief the author got Arlo from the real Irish place, Aherlow, meaning between two highlands. 

It would even be safe to say that Arlo could have come from Harlow or Harley possibly even Arlene. 

The first time Arlo appeared on the SSA list was in 1900 at #906 and was given to 8 baby boys. It didn't gain much popularity until 1915 when it went up to #667. Up until this year 1915 was the year it was the most popular. As of 2016, Arlo ranked at #349 and has been climbing the charts since it entered in 2011. 

New Zealand (#57), Australia (#95), and Scotland (#91) all have Arlo in their top 100. England has Arlo ranked just outside of the top 100 at #102. All that being said Arlo travels well and can be understood by many countries. 


Famous Arlo's 
Arlo Guthrie is an American folk singer and songwriter most popular for his song "Alice's Restaurant." Born in 1947 right after the name dropped off the charts in 1944 I would say he didn't have much influence on the name. 

There were a few Arlo's born long before Arlo Guthrie. The American novelist, journalist, and poet Arlo Bates was born in 1850 but it wasn't until the late 1880s when his work became known. He was an editor for the Boston Sunday Courier. Military connections can be found tot he name Arlo for World War II's Arlo Olson. He was award the United States's highest declaration, the Medal of Honor. 

In recent years England born Arlo White has been gracing the tv screens as a sports presenter and commentator. Primer League is his main focus in the United States. Could soccer fan parents be using his name after hearing it while watching he games? 


Pop Culture 
The Good Dinosaur is a Disney Pixar movie featuring a dinosaur named Arlo. I have to admit that I was not able to watch the whole movie because of some sad scenes. 

Justified's Arlo Given and 24's Arlo Glass may be just some of the reasons the name has gained so much popularity in recent years. Tv shows and films making the name more familiar to parents across the country. 

O ending boy names seem to be a growing trend making Arlo a perfect choice for a baby boy in 2017. It feels cool and fresh yet still masculine. After all this research I am wondering more and more what the little Arlo that inspired this post. What is his middle name? Why did his parents choice the name? 

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Same Rank, Different Year, New Name {Monthly Name Game}

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all had a nice week and are ready for the weekend. I'm here to kick off the weekend with a fun baby name game inspired by another namer. Elizabeth over at Well-Informed Namer had the fun idea a few days ago to find out the popularity of your first and middle name the year you were born. Then take those numbers and find out what your name could have been in other years. Now isn't that a fun idea?! 

My name is Lauren Ashley and I was born in 1995. Lauren was #15 and Ashley was #2. I have pretty popular names thats for sure! I mean my best friend since I was 4 is named Lauren for crying out loud! I'm interested to see what names will come up. I have a feeling there will be a lot of repeats with he middle names. 

2016- Madison Olivia
2015- Evelyn Olivia
2014- Amelia Olivia 
2013- Ella Emma
2012- Aubrey Emma
2011- Lily Isabella
2010- Samantha Sophia
2009- Ella Emma (Now this is a cringeworthy combo!)
2008- Alexis Isabella 
2007- Mia Isabella 
2006- Sarah Emma
2005- Sarah Emma
2004- Sophia Emma
2003- Lauren Emma
2002- Grace Madison
2001- Lauren Madison
2000- Brianna Hannah (The rhyming endings are a little much)
1999- Megan Hannah
1998- Rachel Hannah 
1997- Alyssa Jessica 
1996- Madison Jessica 
1995- Lauren Ashley (My name!)
1994- Stephanie Ashley 
1993- Jennifer Ashley
1992- Chelsea Jessica 
1991- Nicole Jessica 
1990- Amber Ashley 
1989- Heather Ashley 
1988- Amber Ashley 
1987- Amber Ashley 
1986- Rachel Ashley 
1985- Lauren Ashley 
1984- Rachel Jessica 
1983- Kimberly Jessica 
1982- Rebecca Jessica 
1981- Angela Jessica 
1980- Christina Amanda 

In the future I may do a more detailed listed for 1880-1979 with all of the remaining years. But for now here are some random years with some random combinations. Since both of my names are in the top 20 I am able to come up with a combo for every year but with that comes a lot of repeats, especially with the #2 name. 

1977- Nicole Melissa 
1962- Debra Mary 
1954- Carol Linda 
1940- Carolyn Barbara 
1936- Doris Shirley 
1925- Alice Dorothy 
1911- Virginia Helen 
1901- Grace Helen 
1891- Mabel Anna
1880- Cora Anna

And now for the boys. The boy names are a lot better better than the girls name and I actually like a  bunch of them. I think the problem with the girl names is a lot end in A and almost all of them are 2 syllables. So together they just don't sound right. 

2016- Matthew Liam 
2015- Matthew Liam
2014- Jayden Liam
2013- Matthew Jacob
2012- Anthony Mason 
2011- Liam Mason 
2010- David Ethan
2009- Joseph Ethan
2008- Noah Michael
2007- James Michael
2006- Noah Michael
2005- Nicolas Michael
2004- Alexander Michael
2003- Tyler Michael
2002- Alexander Michael
2001- Ryan Michael
2000- Zachary Michael
1999- John Michael
1998- John Jacob (John Jacob jJingleheimer Schmidt!)
1997- John Jacob
1996- John Matthew 
1995- Ryan Matthew 
1994- John Christopher 
1993- Zachary Christopher 
1992- Jacob Christopher 
1991- Brandon Christopher 
1990- Anthony Christopher 
1989- William Christopher 
1988- Jonathan Christopher 
1987- William Christopher 
1986- William Christopher 
1985- Justin Christopher 
1984- Brandon Christopher 
1983- Andrew Christopher 
1982- William Christopher 
1981- William Christopher 
1980- Ryan Christopher 

And just like the girls here are random years and name combos for the boys. I used the same random years as the girl names.  

1977- Jeremy Jason 
1962- Charles David 
1954- Ronald James 
1940- Kenneth Robert 
1936- Paul James 
1925- Raymond John 
1911- Harry William 
1901- Albert William 
1891- Fred William 
1880- Fred William

I had a really fun time seeing what combos would be formed! My favorite girl names were Lily Isabella and Carolyn Barbara. For boys I really liked are Ryan Christopher and Charles David. Growing up I was never a fan of having a popular name and now it made it hard to have fun or unique combinations. What interesting combos did you come up with? I would love to know in the comments below! 

Thank you so much Elizabeth for this fun game! Be sure to check out her blog because she has become one of my favorite blogger. 

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Friday, June 30, 2017

50 Boy Names Given to Just 5 Babies {2016}

On Wednesday I featured 50 girl names that were given to just 5 babies in 2016. Today I took a look at 50 boy names that were given to just 5 babies. There were only two rules to names making this list: they were given to just 5 babies and they had to be real. They had to have meaning and history. This list was a lot easier to create I feel like its in turn because a good handful of the names on this list are surnames. Surnames seem to be a trend that has been going on for years and years. So go ahead and take a look at the following list. 

  1. Akito- Bright Person; Japanese 
  2. Algernon- Having a Moustache; English
  3. Aldwin- Old Friend; German 
  4. Baird- Son of the Bard; Scottish 
  5. Barclay- Birch Wood; Scottish 
  6. Bernardino- Diminutive of Bernardo (Strong, Brave as a Bear); Italian, Spanish 
  7. Buchanan- House of the Canon; Scottish 
  8. Caldwell- Cold Spring, Stream, Well; English 
  9. Chrisander- Golden; Greek 
  10. Darragh- Variant of Dara (Oak Tree) or Anglicized Form of Daire (Fruitful, Fertile); Irish
  11. Delmer- Of the Sea; English 
  12. Egbert- Bright Edge; English 
  13. Endrit- Light; Albanian 
  14. Erling- Descendant of the Jarl; Swedish
  15. Finbar- Variant of Fionnbharr (Fair Hair); Irish 
  16. Fraser- Unknown; Scottish 
  17. Frost- Cold Personality, White Beard; English 
  18. Gilead- Monument of Testimony; Hebrew
  19. Giorgos- Variant of George (Framer, Earthworker); Greek 
  20. Harden- Hare Valley; English 
  21. Haig- Variant of Hayk (Armenian); Armenian
  22. Ikram- Honour; Arabic 
  23. Ives- Form of Yves (Yew); English 
  24. Joris- Form of George (Framer, Earth worker); Dutch and Frisian
  25. Justo- Just, Upright, Righteous; Latin
  26. Kyo- Unite, Cooperate, Capital City, Village, Apricot; Japanese 
  27. Leor- I have Light; Hebrew 
  28. Marios- Form of Marius (Male); Greek
  29. Montague- Pointed Mountain; F
  30. Neriah- Lamp of Yahweh; Hebrew 
  31. Norbert- North Bright; German
  32. Osric- Divine Ruler; English
  33. Pavlos- Form of Paul (Small, Humble); Greek
  34. Pippin- Form of Pepin (Awe-Inspiring); German 
  35. Pius- Pious, Dutiful; Latin
  36. Potter- One Who Makes Earthen Vessels; English 
  37. Quang- Bright, Clear; Vietnamese 
  38. Romain- Form of Romanus (Roman); French 
  39. Randel- Rim of a Shield; English
  40. Selvin- Prosperous Friend; English 
  41. Stelios- Variant of Stylianos (Pillar); Greek
  42. Torstein- Form of Torsten (Thor's Stone); Norwegian 
  43. Taro- Thick, Big Son; Japanese
  44. Uros- Man, Lord; Serbian
  45. Valerio- Form of Valerius (To Be Strong); Italian and Spanish 
  46. Valon- The Monkey King; Sanskrit 
  47. Wilco- Desire; German
  48. Winthrop- Wine's Village or Sigmund's Village; English 
  49. Yadon- Form of Jadon (Thankful, He Will Judge); Hebrew
  50. Yale- Fertile Upland; Welsh 

Which names are your favorite? I have a lot of favorites from this list thats for sure! 

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

50 Girl Names Given to Just 5 Babies {2016}

The United States only includes names that are given to 5 babies or more each year on their SSA popularity charts. In my quest to find super unique and unpopular names I took to looking at the very bottom of the list, those names with only 5 babies. Because many of these names are virtually unheard of they can look made up or invented. I have decided to supply you guys with a list of 50 girl names that are real. Names with meaning and origins. Names that have history. Take a look and tell me if there are any names that appeal to you!

  1. Adannaya- His Father's Daughter; Igbo
  2. Adebola- The Crown Has Met Wealth; Yoruba 
  3. Aelia- Feminine Form of Aelius (Sun); Late Roman 
  4. Akosua- Born on Sunday; Akan
  5. Alfonsina- Feminine Form of Alfonso (Noble and Ready); Italian 
  6. Bathsheba- Daughter if the Oath; Hebrew 
  7. Brinda- Sword; Norse and The Basil Plant; Sanskrit 
  8. Caitriona- Form of Katherine (Each of the Two); Irish 
  9. Caragh- Beloved friend; Irish 
  10. Ceridwen- Bent Poetry, Woman, White, Fair, Blessed; Welsh 
  11. Cherith- Stream Bed, Torrent-Bed, Gorge, Valley; Hebrew 
  12. Desta- Joy; Amharic 
  13. Doria- Feminine Form of Dorian (From the Sea) or Elaboration of Dora
  14. Eleri- Greatly Bitter; Welsh
  15. Elmira- Shorten Form of Edelmira (Noble, Famous); 
  16. Euphemia- To use words of good omen; Greek 
  17. Fedora- Form of Theodora (Gift of God); Russian 
  18. Francia- Form of France (Land of the Franks); Latin
  19. Galadriel- Maiden Crowned with a Radiant Garland; Sindarin
  20. Honoka- Harmony Flower; Japanese
  21. Honoria- Feminine Form of Honorius; Late Roman 
  22. Jan- Short Form of Janet or Janice; English 
  23. Kazia- Short Form of Kazimiera (To Destroy); Polish
  24. Liezel- God is My Oath; German, Hebrew 
  25. Lilias- Short Form of Lillian (My God is an Oath); Scottish
  26. Lucija- Fomr of Lucia (Light); Slovene and Croatian 
  27. Luziana- Light; Spanish 
  28. Mathea- Gift of God; Hebrew 
  29. Meiko- A Bud; Japanese
  30. Mercia- Form of Mercy; English
  31. Meriwether- Happy Weather; English 
  32. Miette- Crumb; French 
  33. Mishel- Who is Like God; Hebrew 
  34. Navneet- New, Fresh Eternal;  Sanskrit 
  35. Neola- Young One; Greek 
  36. Nesta- Diminutive of Agnes (Chaste); Welsh 
  37. Olia- Russian Variant of Olga (Holy Blessed) or Helga 
  38. Paolina- Form of Paulinus (Small, Humble); Italian 
  39. Prisma- One Who is Cherished; Sanskrit 
  40. Quiana- Variant of Qiana; African American 
  41. Rada- Happy, Willing; Russian, Slavic
  42. Shona- Form of Seonag (Form of Joan) or Seonaid; Scottish 
  43. Sidonie- Feminine Form of Sidonius (Of Sidon); French
  44. Saki- Blossom, Hope; Japanese 
  45. Temitope- Enough to Give Thanks; Yoruba 
  46. Tesia- Polish Diminutive of Teresa (Summer, To Harvest)
  47. Veruca- Wart; English, and Variant of Verochka (Faith, True)
  48. Viveka- Form of Wiebke (War); Swedish
  49. Winta- One Who is Desired; African 
  50. Zohara- Light, Splendor; Hebrew 

Many of the origins in the above list are origins not heard of often. I had never heard of Igbo or Amharic. My theory is that the parents using the names are using them in honor of their heritage and culture. Maybe after a grandmother or great grandmother. Names from the family tree. Now I pose the question: with these names being so unique how do parents find them? I fear that is a question we may never have an answer. 

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Monday, June 19, 2017

2016 Prediction Results {Top 100}

Last week I took a look at how my name predictions for the new 2016 top 1000 names turned out. If you missed that post go check it out! Fifty percent of my predictions were right, which I thought was really good for a girl who isn't so good at making predictions.

Today I want to look at the my predictions for the new names to the top 100. The top 100 does not get many new names each year, especially when you look at the amount of names that are new to the top 1000 each year. I hate to say it but I am more terrible at making predictions to the top 100 than I actually expected! Out of the 8 names (4 boys, 4 girls) only one of my names actually made it into the top 100. One name did not move at all, one name dropped a few spots, and the rest moved up anywhere from 45 to 3 spots. If you would like to see the recents and a refresher on the names I had on the list keep reading.

Declan, Jameson, Kai, and Maverick were the boy names I predicted would move up into the top 100. None of the boys names moved up. In fact, one name didn't move a single spot! Kai was at #145 in 2015 and in 2016 is was at the exact same spot. Declan, Jameson, and Maverick all moved up int he charts but not enough to make it into the top 100. Declan went from #112 to #109. Jameson went from #144 to #128. Maverick went from #184 to #139 and was the name with the biggest leap on my list.

The only name the moved up into the top 100 from my predictions was Luna, an all time favorite of mine. I am happy to see it up and getting attention. There are many Lu- names out there that people are enjoying so it is no surprise that it jumped up the chart.

One name on my list back in April moved farther down the list. Hadley was #99 in 2014 and dropped down to #103 in 2015. In 2016 the name went down a few more spots to #108. Its not surprising to see it drop even more. In my eyes it seems to be going out of style. Personality I like the name and think it is a nice name. Ivy and Everly were the other two names on my list and both moved up the SSA list but not enough to make it into the top 100. Ivy went from #130 to #112 and Everly went from #138 and #107.

Since only one name on my list moved into the top 100 I thought it would be nice to look at the names that did move up. For girls, Adeline, Luna, Kinsley, Elena, Eliana, and Willow all moved up. As for the gentlemen, Bryson, Leonardo, Greyson, and Roman moved up the chart. Not many names get the privilege to be a part of the top 100.

It does not surprise me that Adeline and Willow have moved up. Ad- names are all the rage in recent times and Willow is being heard more and more. I am honestly surprised Roman had not been in the top 100. It sounds familiar and popular, a nice to the point name.

Next year we will see how much better I am at making predictions. Maybe I will be able to get at least 2 names!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

2016 Prediction Results {Top 1000}

Its been so long but I am finally looking at how my predictions for the 2016 list did! This is the first year I did a predictions list so I am interested to see how I made out. Because I am not the best at making predictions I am not expecting to be very good. To start I am going to see how my top 1000 predictions did. As a recap, my boy names were Fox, Harris, Simeon, and Kaiser and my girls were Mavis, India, Ramona, and Etta. 

Fox made its way onto the top 1000 at #746. This is the first year that Fox has been in the top 1000 and I am so excited. With animal names catching on more and more I am not surprised to see it jumping on the list. Liam Payne just named his son Bear. Will we be seeing Bear in the top 1000 in years to come? 

Harris was the second boys name on my list to make it onto the top 1000. In 2016, it was ranked at #967. The last time Harris was ranked was in 1988. Its definitely nice to see the name back in style. Harrison (#107) might have something to do with the increase in popularity. Some other ideas might be a surname trend or the increase in vintage name usage. 

Simeon and Kaiser did not make it onto the list. In 2016, 199 babies were named Simeon, that is just a few more babies then the year before. It is just 4 more to be exact. If you take a look at the ranks then Simeon dropped a few ranks since the year before. Even then it was just 12 spots out of the top 1000. I'm not sure if I would add this name to my prediction list next year. I guess time will tell. 

When I was making my predictions I said that Kaiser was my long shot on the list so I am not surprised that it didn't make the top 1000 list. What I am surprised about is it was in spot #1001! That is one spot away from the top 1000. And it gets even more shocking. Jonathan, the #1000 name in 2016, was given to 202 babies. In 2016, 202 babies were given the name Kaiser. 

The last time Mavis was in the top 1000 was in 1963. Now Mavis is back on the top 1000 at #789. Its nice to see it back on the list. More and more I am noticing vintage names are coming back into style and I am loving it. I do think that even though it is now in the 700s its still a rare name that you might not hear very often. 

Ramona has ranked in the top 1000 at #951 for the first time since 1988. I have to say I would be pretty upset if I did not see Ramona in the top names. Its such a great name with a  vintage charm just like Mavis. I think more and more vintage animus are catching on. It has to be that 100 year rule thing that I have heard other names talk about. 

India and Etta did not make the list. Talk about a coincidence but 262 babies were named India in 2016 and the same amount in 2015! The worst part about this year is that India was #1001 and missed the top 100 by 1 spot! It was given to just one less baby than the #1000 name Meilani. 

In 2016 Etta was given to 256 babies. That is up since the year before. There were only 242 babies named Etta in 2015. It ranked at #1026, an increase of 53 spots. I can imagine it making its way up into the top 1000 next year for sure. I'm pretty upset that Etta hasn't caught on yet. Its such  great name. 

I feel like I did really well getting 50% of my predictions right. Kaiser and India were so close to making the top 1000 list! One spot you guys! I am actually excited to make this a yearly thing and can't wait to make predictions next year. 

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Name Game: Alliteration Names

My goal is to post some kind of name game every month. In that goal, I would like to have something that is different and fun. At times they may be long games or they may be short. This month I pulled a little inspiration from the national crazy holidays. A few days ago it was National Repeat Day so I was inspired to do an alliteration name game. For those of you who don't know that means that the first name and the middle name begin with he same letter. I will have my list below but I want to hear about your list! What would you name 26 girls and boys with alliteration names?

Atlas Abraham and Adelaide Ashby 
Basil Benedict and Blair Brigitta 
Corbett Charleston and Chapel Colette 
Dilinger Dash and  Daphne Dove 
Esmond Elk and Eira Eleanora 
Fox Fitzgerald and Faye Florentine 
Gatsby George and Georgia Grey 
Henry Hawkins and Havanna Hail 
Ichabod Iago and Imogen Iridessa 
Jameson Job and Jetta Jubilee 
Kavanaugh Kit and Keturah Knightley 
Leander Lars and Lavender Louella 
Montgomery Merrick and  Maisie Monroe 
Noam Nicolai and Nella Nicolette  
Oilver Orson and Octavia Opal 
Peregrine Parks and Prairie Penelope   
Quest Quincy and Quarry Quinn 
Rafferty Rhodes and Rosemary Rafaela 
Shepherd Steele and Sally Snow 
Thatcher Tennyson and Temple Theodora 
Urban Ulysses and Uma Unity
Vincenzo Voss and Valley Valora 
Wilder Willoughby and Winslet Waverly
Xylon Xavier and Xenia Xanthe 
Yohan Yates and Yarden Yesenia 
Zebediah Zane and Zeppelin Zelda 

Not all of the names on this list are my favorite. My goal was to try and make combos that sounds nice together. It was so fun to not focus on my favorite names. Do you have any favorite combos from the above? What would your answers be? 

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

2016 Comeback Kids

I thought long and hard about what posts I wanted to put up about the changes in popularity and such for the 2016 SSA list. I decided I wanted to focus on the comeback kids because I don't see them floating around a lot. Every year when the new SSA name list comes out I like to take a look and see what names have made their way back onto the list. These are names that were in the top 1000 any year before but were not in the top 1000 in 2015. That means that they can be of the charts for one year or 10 years.

Eliezer #997
Last Ranked in 2014 (#865)

Maddux #984
Last Ranked in 2014 (#992)

Konner #972
Last Ranked in 2014 (#920)

Foster #965
Last Ranked in 2014 (#991)

Brayson #957
Last Ranked in 2014 (#978)

Jair #938
Last Ranked in 2014 (#993)

Ramiro #933
Last Ranked in 2014 (#888)

Jericho #932
Last Ranked in 2014 (#950)

Tristian #930
Last Ranked in 2014 (#874)

Khalid #909
Last Ranked in 2014 (#959)

Howard #900
Last Ranked in 2014 (#988)

Bridger #859
Last Ranked in 2014 (#985)

Jamar #990
Last Ranked in 2013 (#904)

Krish #983
Last Ranked in 2013 (#885)

Brysen #872
Last Ranked in 2013 (#951)

Ralph #992
Last Ranked in 2011 (#954)

Keanu #971
Last Ranked in 2005 (#974)

Koda #927
Last Ranked in 2004 (#935)

Hakeem #905
Last Ranked in 1998 (#788)

Lyle #981
Last Ranked in 1995 (#927)

Westley #912
Last Ranked in 1994 (#971)

Ira #950
Last Ranked in 1992 (#946)

Leif #969
Last Ranked in 1987 (#957)

Harris #967
Last Ranked in 1988 (#972)

Gus #999
Last Ranked in 1978 (#994)

Karim #906 
Last Ranked in 1978 (#879)

Creed #982
Last Ranked in 1910 (#942)

Antonia #993
Last Ranked in 2014 (#975)

Riya #977
Last Ranked in 2014 (#966)

Anniston #976
Last Ranked in 2014 (#905)

Aubri #972
Last Ranked in 2014 (#832)

Rosalyn #960
Last Ranked in 2014 (#985)

Alyvia #923
Last Ranked in 2014 (#920)

Mercy #791
Last Ranked in 2014 (#935)

Ayana #973
Last Ranked in 2013 (#962)

Rayne #941
Last Ranked in 2013 (#934)

Alianna #998
Last Ranked in 2011 (#973)

Maren #936
Last Ranked in 2008 (#964)

Jana #917
Last Ranked in 2005 (#970)

Chandler #995
Last Ranked in 2002 (#986)

Maxine #904
Last Ranked in 1996 (#984)

Ramona #951
Last Ranked in 1988 (#876)

Davina #975
Last Ranked in 1987 (#970)

Mavis #789
Last Ranked in 1963 (#946)

Vada #902
Last Ranked in 1946 (#985)

Emmie #908
Last Ranked in 1935 (#986)

Belle #933
Last Ranked in 1934 (#975)

All of the names are ordered from least amount of time spent off the SSA top 1000 list to most about of time spent off the SSA top 1000 list. You will find that the names who spent only a year off the list first.

Some interesting things about the lists above include The boys name Creed. It has not been in the top 1000 since 1910! Can you believe its been 106 years the name ranked?! And the best part is it has only ranked in those 2 years. Now I am wondering what could have made the name rank in both these years and so far apart.

Creed isn't the only name to rank in just two separate years. Names on the above list that fit into that category include Koda, Brayson, Anniston, and Alianna.

I noticed what seems to be a little trend going on at the bottom of the SSA chart. Vintage girl names are popping up after years of being off the list. Names like Emmie, Belle Vada, and Mavis all haven't ranked since the 1930s and 1940s.

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Friday, June 2, 2017

2016 SSA List!

I am finally getting a chance to take a look at the new SSA name list! It been crazy few weeks around here and I'm sad that it's taken me this long to look at it. Its been almost a month since it came out! Right now I am debuting if I want to make any posts around the list. In the post I have but they have all been done within days of the release date. Any posts that I publish would just be dated that you have already seen or have access to. Anyway I wanted to take a loot at the top 10 list right now and then I will decide if I am going to publish anything else.

  1. Noah
  2. Liam
  3. William +2 
  4. Mason -1
  5. James +2
  6. Benjamin +4
  7. Jacob -3
  8. Michael +1 
  9. Elijah +2
  10. Ethan  -4

  1. Emma
  2. Olivia
  3. Ava +1
  4. Sophia -1
  5. Isabella
  6. Mia
  7. Charlotte +2
  8. Abigail -1
  9. Emily -1
  10. Harper 

Elijah is the only new name to the top 10 list. Because Elijah moved up that means that a name had to move down. Alexander is no longer in the top 10 and moved down to #11. 

Noah has been #1 for since 2013 (4 years) and has been on the top 10 since 2009 (8 years). Emma has been #1 since 2014 (3 years) and in the top 10 since 2002 (15 years!). 

The top 10 list doesn't surprise my very much. I never expect any huge changes with the list. The only year I feel as if I was surprised was when Charlotte made her way onto the top 10 in 2014.

If you have any input into whether I should do my usual new SSA blog posts let me know below!

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Disney Moms {Mother's Day 2017}

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, step-moms, grandmothers, and anyone who asks like a mom or has a motherly role! Today is a day to celebrate you! I am so lucky to have so many motherly people in my live, especially my mom. Moms are superheroes. In honor of Mother's Day I have a nice little posts about Disney moms. I love Disney and I love my mom so this post covers both.

Perdita- Lost in Latin 
101 Dalmatians 
Predita took in all the puppies that weren't hers and loved them. Growing up I always adored this movie and her relationship with the puppies. 

Coral- Coral in English 
Finding Nemo
Coral is only seen in the very beginning of the movie but it was such a touching scene. She tried to saved all her babies and sacrificed for them. 

Elinor- Bright, Shining One in English 
Elinor and her daughter do not have a great relationship mainly because her daughter is a teenager wanting to do her own thing. That causes tension and you see them fixed their relationship fixed and become stronger throughout the movie. 

Eudora- Good Gift in English
Princess and the Frog
Eudora is Tianna's biggest fan and supports her daughter's dreams even when it seems they won't work out. There is no better support than your mother's support. 

Mary- Sea of Bitterness, Rebelliousness, or Wished for Child in English 
Peter Pan 
Wendy and her brother are only seen with their mother at the beginning and end of the movie but you can see her personality in that little bit. She is loving and caring and everything you look for in a mom. 

Hera- Hero, Warrior, Period of Time, or To Be Chosen in Greek 
Hera is shown as a very loving and overprotective of Hercules. It seems that she only wants what's best for him. 

Nani- Beauty, Glory in Hawaiian 
Lilo and Stitch 
Nani is not your typical mom. She was Lilo's older sister who took on the role when their parents died. I loved watching their relationship grow and change throughout the movie. 

Kala- Art Form, Virtue in Sanskrit; Hawaiian Form of Sarah 
Kala was Tarzan's adopted mother after his biological mother was killed. There aren't many adoption stories in Disney and there needs to be. 

Helen- Bright Shining Light  in Greek 
The Incredibles
Throughout the movie, you can see the motherly love that Helen has for her children. Everything she does id for them. 

These is just 9 Disney moms but there are so many more. What are your favorite Disney moms?

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May Baby Name Game

I love baby name games and would play them all the time. When I was little I would google name games and then write my answers out in a copybook, which I still have today. One of my goals starting this month is to make some type of name game post every month. Some months it will be themed around the month while others it will just be name games I thought were fun. This month's name game is May/Spring themed! 

Name a girl with a first or middle name with a May name. Need inspiration? Check out this post! 
My Name: Maylea Plum

Name twin boys with nature themed first names and color middle names.
My Names: Ridge Sterling and Forest Grey

Pick one of the top 10 names from 2015 and pick an alternative as a first name. You pick gender and middle names. Example: Olivia --> Olive Beatrice 
My Name: Noah --> Noam Atlas 

Name 3 kids (you pick gender) with first names in the US top 100 and middle names not in the top 1000. 
My Names: Clara Ellowyn, Theodore Ansel, and Ezra Charleston 

Rename yourself using these rules:
First Name: Based on your birth month 
January: Violet
February: Marigold
March: Oona
April: Aviva
May: Flora
June: Primrose
July: Shoshana
August: Meadow
September: Waverley
October: Iris
November: Birdie
December: Poppy

Middle Name: Based on your birth date
1-5: Wren
6-10: Jade
11-15: Fern
16-20: May
21-25: Bloom
26-31: Rain 

My Name: Flora Fern 

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Names of the Week: Seth and Ivy

My original plan for today's post was to post names that were associated with nurses. After doing some research and coming up with a list I realized most of the names on the list did not have good associations. They were names of diseases or health issues. Since I try to only focus on positive aspects of names I started that idea but still said I wouldn't be able to share with you guys two names that I thought were a cool association to nurses. At least I am writing this wonderful posts. The two names are Seth and Ivy.

Seth has two meanings. The first is placed or appointed in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve following the more well known Cain and Abel. A traditional spelling of Seth in Hebrew is Shet. The second one is pillar or dazzle in Ancient Greek. In Egyptian mythology, Seth was the god of chaos and the desert, where he was banished to after begin defeated by Horus. There are two variant spellings connected to the Egyptian origin, Set and Sutekh.

In 2015, Seth was ranked at #278, which is a decline from previous years. It was most popular in the late 1990s to the early 2000s when it was ranked in the top 100. I personally associate the name with the early 2000s but at the sam time don't think it is dated. For one it has always been in the top 1000, although so years it was at the very bottom of the charts.

Now a days the name can be associated with a few celebrities, including Seth Myers, Seth Rogen, and Seth MacFarlane, all of which are comedic actors or hosts. With the comedy connection there is a light, airy feel to it. Seth can be your friend and make you feel included.

As for the nursing connection, I thought Seth would be a perfect association to stethoscopes. Every medical professional has one and needs one to do their job. I know personally remember the day I bought my stethoscope and how excited I was.

Ivy is a plant and flower name meaning climbing plant that has yellow flowers in English. In Ancient Greece newlyweds were presented wreaths of the plant to symbolize fidelity. The Greek god, Dionysus, is often pictured wearing an ivy crown. He was the god of wine and people believed he taught the humans how to make wine. How is it connects to ivy? Ivy grow abundantly in the childhood home of Dionysus. Ivy branches were used to let people know that a tavern sold wine during the Middle Ages. There are many different species of ivy plants with many different meanings. The celtic meaning is connection and friendships because of its interweave in growth.

Ivy is one of the British beauties meaning that it is more popular in Britain than it is in the United States. Some of the British beauties, as I like to call them, have been popular in for a while in Britain. Right now in the United States Ivy is ranked at #129 and in Britain and Wales its ranked at #42. Australia loves the name even more seeing as its ranked at #15 over there!

There are many celebrity connects to Ivy. Beyonce and Jay-Z named their daughter Blue Ivy in 2012 causing a huge stir up. People loved or hated the name. There are also actresses, novelist, poets, and singers with the name. In pop culture, characters on many tv shows and in movies have the name including Gossip Girl, Downtown Abbey, and Batman.

As for the nursing association, I thought Ivy would be a nice association to iv solutions. Almost all patients have them and its a nice play on words.

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Friday, May 5, 2017

The Names of Nurses {National Nurses Day}

National Nurses Day is tomorrow and this whole week is a week to celebrate nurses. I am a part of this club and I am so proud to say I am. A few days ago I finished my last semester of nursing school and at the end of the month I will graduate. It hard to believe. In honor of this week I am talking about 5 inspirational nurses in history.

Florence- Prosperous, Flourishing; English, Latin
Florence Nightingale is considered the founder of modern nursing and is probably one of the most known nurses of all times. During the Crimean War, she became known as " The Lady with he Lamp" because she made rounds to wounded soldiers at night. One of the contributions of Florence Nightingale to nursing was to sanitation and preventing the spread of disease.

Because of my future career in nursing I have always wanted to use Florence as a first or middle name. I could go on and on about the name but I will keep it short for you. It is a place name for the romantic Italy (and the place Florence Nightingale was born). It has a nice vintage feel to it but it is coming back into style. There is a nice list of possible nicknames including, Flora, Flo, Flossie, Florrie, and Ren/Wren.

Clara- Clear, Bright, Famous; Latin
Clara Barton was the founder of the American Red Cross. During the American Civil War she worked as a hospital nurse. It was most noted that she was doing work during a time when women rarely worked outside of the home.

The name Clara is calm, vintage name that has a sweet sound to it. I adore the name as an alternative or an honor name for a Claire. In 2015 in the United States the name was ranked int he top 100 at #98. A fun fact about Clara Barton's name is she was actually born Clarissa.

Dorothea- Gift of God; Greek
Dorothea Dix was a support and activist for mental health in the 1840s. Because of her fight for the mentally ill the first generation of American mental asylums were built. During the Civil War she served as a Superintendent of Army Nurses. There is a long list of honors giving to Dorothea including, the Bangor Mental Health Institute being renamed Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center.

Dorothea is such an underused, under appreciated vintage name. I think makes a great spin on Dorothy. If you have been around for a while them you know I love nicknames so its no surprise my favorite part of the name is the nicknames. You can use Dottie, Dora, Dory, Thea, Dot, and Dodie.

Mary (Sea of Bitterness; English) Eliza (Diminutive of Elizabeth (My God is an Oath; Greek))
Mary Eliza Mahoney was the first black professional nurse in America. In 1879 she graduated from the New England Hospital for Women and Children Training School for Nurses and was one of only 3 people in her class to complete the 16 month program. In 1979 she was inducted into he American Nurses Association Hall of Fame. To help the African American nurses during her time she co-founded the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses.

Mary is such a classical name. It has ties to so many different people and events. Along with the name Elizabeth I would say Mary is one of the most known biblical names. I meant here are 6 Mary's in the bible! Double barrel names that start with Mary, such as Mary Kate or Mary Frances, are some of my favorite names out there. I really like Mary Eliza together because of the uniqueness of Eliza. Eliza is a nice alternative or honor name for Elizabeth.

Ruby- Red; Latin 
Ruby Bradley was one of the most decorated women in United States military history. She had 34 decorations, medals, and other awards. When she was captured by the Japanese after the attack on Pearl Harbor she was held as prisoner. Along with several other nurses, Ruby was known as the "Angels in Fatigues" because she gave medical help to prisoners and helped feed starving children. In her time as prisoner she assisted in 230 operations and helped delivery over 13 children. One of the sad parts about her story is she is not talked about enough! I had no idea who she was until I did the research.

Ruby as a name is a color name as well as a gem stone name. A lot of English speaking countries have the name in their top name lists like England and Ireland. If you are looking for a name that travels well than Ruby is the name for you.

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